About Us

StatsUserNet is hosted and maintained by the Office for National Statistics. As such, StatsUserNet is subject to the same data protection legislation as the Office for National Statistics. Full details are available here.  

The purpose of StatsUserNet is to stimulate engagement between users, and between users and producers of official statistics. The site carries news of interest to users, materials relating to relevant events, discussion forums and other facilities.

It provides a unique online community space for statistics producers and users to make contact, learn about each other's work and share information, documents and views. Unlike other online sites, this is a dedicated space for a wide range of people interested in statistics, and enables a fuller sharing of views and information, since the site allows longer posts and uploading of documents. 

It is open to anyone with an interest in statistics - both people who are expert in using statistical products and datasets, and non-experts who are interested to find out more about statistics, and connect with the producers of statistics on their topic of interest. 

Many of the communities on this site are directly related to Statistics User Forum User Groups, and allow those user groups to liaise and share information online. You can see the full list of User Groups on the dedicated webpage on the RSS site. You can also see on the RSS website further information about the Statistics User Forum, and the background to both the Forum and StatsUserNet. 

However, there are also many other communities that only exist as an online community, or perhaps are a group that are not affiliated to the Statistics User Forum. 

You are welcome to join any community that you think is of interest to you, and please do sign up to the email alerts when the box pops up after you hit 'Join' so that you receive notifications of new posts. 

Please note that the general communities are: 'StatsNB' (general noticeboard with items of potentially wide interest), 'Consultations' (notices and comments on statistics consultations e.g. on proposed changes to statistical series, requests for feedback on existing products, views on proposed new products), and 'Statistics User Forum' (information, documents and notices of interest to Statistics User groups and users more generally, and includes Statistics User Forum meeting papers). You may like to join all of these general communities, and then also join any others as you wish along the lines of your specific areas of interest. 

There is not any resource for assistance with posting messages - it is down to you to sign up to the site and post your own notices. This is also the best way to connect with others on the site. However, if you have experience a problem, please email statsusernet@ons.gov.uk, and someone should be able to help you within a few working days. 

We welcome you to make the most of the opportunity that this site offers, and encourage you to remember to share any useful updates or information on this site as well as other online locations, in order to reach out to a wide range of people, and enable open discussion. 


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